Acquired Webmaster Skills

Boston Webmaster Skills

I don't count the webmaster skills listed here among my primary web design skills although I have accomplished quite a bit with them. Despite the learning curve involved I've been able to achieve objectives in the course of running a retail ecommerce website in a clean, efficient manner.

These skills and the aptitude to learn new skills and work in new web production environments have also enhanced my versatility on contract assignments in the Boston area.

Apache .htaccess Mod_Rewrite

In addition to utilizing .htaccess to ban unwanted user agents and ip addresses I also used mod_rewrite for the following:


With the Perl/MySql based ecommerce software package ClickCartPro™ (I served as a beta tester for V5.1) I accomplished the following:

MySql Database

As the company's mailing list database grew to more than 12k entries it became necessary to migrate it from a flatfile text database to a more powerful solution. I designed and set up a MySql database and successfully imported all records into it.

The database was utilized for catalog postal mailings as well as bulk emailing and provided a source of valuable information such as order history.


In addition to simple PHP scripts like the one that expands the sidebar menu on this site, I utilized PHP to administer the MySql database referenced above including:

Email List Management

I was responsible for all aspects of email marketing campaigns (opt-in) including:

Content Management Systems & Blogs

At one time or another I have installed, configured, and customized the following: