Photoshop for Web Graphics

I have developed photoshop skills beyond the needs of an above-average website including web graphics producton, image optimization, and preparaton of product images for ecommerce websites. Combined with my other skills it has provided valuable versatility on many projects.

Obligatory Photoshop Glassy Button
The Obligatory Photoshop Glassy Button

Recent photoshop-intensive experience includes weekly updates and production of car dealer ads for a high-traffic Boston area automotive sales website. On this assignment, in addition to producing ads, I organized the .PSD files with labeled layer sets streamlining the workflow and greatly reducing the time needed for updates.

Web Graphics Production

I've used Photoshop, especially in conjunction with CSS, to create visually engaging site elements. Among the page and formatting elements I have experience designing are:

Image Optimization & Product Images for Ecommerce

Uncompressed, Unedited: 25.2kb Compressed, Edited: 5.3kb

The goal for most ecommerce site images is quick load time and consistent appearance.

The initial product image, photographed against a fabric background and uncompressed weighs in at 25.2kb.

After compressing the image and applying a matte background (which could be any color appropriate for the site) we have reduced the file size to 5.3kb, nearly 80%.

Image Editing & Retouching

Photoshop Retouched Image

This example is a zoomed-in version of a runway model photo. The site owner requested that the object behind the model's head be removed and to "open her eyes".

With a powerful tool like Photoshop at hand, I have completed many similar edits and retouched photos for websites including removing people and objects from images and adding people and objects to images.