Interactive Flash Animation

I have several years experience designing interactive Flash animation, specializing in light file size & search engine-friendly implementation, and started working with Flash 4. I produced and edited several Flash banners for a high-traffic Boston automotive sales website and several unique Flash movies for an ecommerce site among other projects.

Notable recent experience includes a Flash driven site map where the appropriate tab is highlighted based on a query string in the link to the page. I also recently completed a Flash player for another Boston area client which uses LoadMovie to display six different random images from an array. This provides the advantage of not needing to import the images into the player itself when the page loads.

Flash Vintage Television

Using Flash drawing tools to create the interface, I designed this movie to emulate a vintage television. This .swf weighs in at 209kb which is quite lean considering that it includes imported images and four sound files. It could be pared further (and will be if and when I edit it again).

Designed to provide animated introductions for two links, this movie could easily be expanded for more links or to load more Flash movies.

Flash New Product Line Introduction

This movie uses LoadMovie to call individual movies for each set of products; Since the original versions contained links to the product pages each .jpg is embedded in a separate movie.

Contact me if you're interested in seeing other examples.