Cross-Browser Compatibility

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As a consultant I review server log statistics and target audience to offer clients a tailored best approach for their sites' cross-browser compatibility. In Boston or Eastern Massachusetts this includes on-site demonstration and discussion.

I have extensive experience in planning and coding sites that render and function across as wide as possible range of browsers & operating systems - and doing so with an economy of HTML and CSS.

Determining the level of support to offer, particularly to older browsers, will influence:

Case Study: CSS Layout for Netscape 4

Full Size Netscape 4.73

Still haunting the web, though in fewer and fewer visits each year, this legacy browser requires special attention if you decide to support it.

A challenge to design for even with a table layout, NN4.x's poor handling of CSS positioning and inheritance make it a special case. The screen shot shown left illustrates a page from this site with the current stylesheets as rendered in Netscape 4.73 (PC).

Because of the low percentage of visitors using NN4 and because I want more flexiblity to edit the CSS frequently I opted to deliver unstyled pages to this browser rather something like the screen shot by using the @import rule.

However, as in the case of one client whose 0.28% of visitors using NN4.7 represented over 8,000 potential customers per year, it may be desirable to provide a similar user experience. Just as an example, I've posted one possible solution using this site's CSS layout.